MoAD ??? Museum of Australian Democracy

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The mission was to take the Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House and create an identity that would make it an iconic, 21st century cultural destination for Canberra.

In early 2015 MAXCO was enlisted to oversee the strategic brand direction, reinvent the brand UX and overhaul all communication touch points.

Work spearheaded a bold change in direction and focused on moving the Museum away from a rigid and conservative approach, to present the brand with a fresh new identity and unique touch points.

On 9 November 2016 MAXCO won bronze in the sixth edition of the International Design & Communication Awards (IDCA) for their work rebranding the Museum of Australian Democracy. AGENDA, a cultural agency based in Paris and Quebec, recognised the brand work for being fresh, fearless and in-step with global, best-practice.


naming, brand architecture, brand identity, enviromental

Agents James Giltinan and Irene Dermatis offered MAXCO a blank slate upon which to build an entirely bespoke, people-focused real estate brand.

MAXCO elicited a fresh and crisp brand for CRE that addressed all brand lockups, the entire web strategy and all social media assets. The CRE brand speaks to its sense of place in the community and references the unique lifestyle that reflects the agency???s coastal locale.

CRE???s rebranding has made it quickly become one of the best-known agencies in the local area, embraced as a truly customer-oriented business.

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The Prince

naming, brand identity, brand management, campaign & creative, social
The Feros Group had a vision to build a new kind of hospitality offering for the Sutherland Shire. One that drew inspiration from the iconic values of family pubs from the past and evolved this into a bold and inspired offering for a wide new demographic. Its a workers pub, a gaming venue, and a family bistro; but more than that, its a destination that encourages repeat visits.

We have a long history of closely working with the Feros Group, both evolving and guiding their branding strategy. The Prince identity, and all it encapsulates needed to be more defined than a traditional pub brand. We created both a branded icon and wordmark, that draws its inspiration from the Feros brand stable and presets itself in a strong, contemporary iteration.

While we???d love to say that the brand made this venue work, it was only part of a well thought out mix of creative ideas and contributors. Architects H&E brought an out of the box thinking approach to the venue, and the management team at Feros had the conviction and foresight to set the standard and deliver it all. The result was a clear win at the Australian Hospitality Awards 2017 for Best New Hotel.