brand identity, brand architecture, campaign & creative, environmental

Smart Health had a vision to launch an online business that took a frontline healthcare facet and offer it as an online test order – in simple terms ???Pathology made easy???. This had been done overseas in differing ways, but it was a first for Australia. Consultation with key industry groups was needed to ascertain the direction we would need to take to sell the product and create the brand visually.

MAXCO partnered with the newly formed Smart Health group creating seed funding documentation, concept development/evolution, brand creation, web / UX design and marketing. We were initially challenged with creating a brand for a radically new service being offered online. It had to be approachable, considered and reflective of the industry sector (medical / pathology). The brand drew inspiration from the forms viewed under high powered microscopes. Dimensional depth was added to the geometric forms reinforcing the nature of the business.

The concept was adopted by Sonic Health and rolled out into a national online launch. A full online media campaign was married with public transport advertising and cross track 24 sheet posters. Smart Health wellness screening is now a viable business sector for Sonic Clinical Services.