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The objective was to create artwork as stylish and symbolic as this beloved Australian Indigenous arts institution. MAXCO sought to retain the iconic group???s respected sense of place, while transforming it into a bold and fearless brand that would continue to resonate into the future.
Working closely with Creative Director Stephen Page, MAXCO delivered a new brand and campaign in mid-2011 and went on to win the entire, creative account. MAXCO began by stripping back the outdated brand ID and produced a contemporary stylised lower case ???b??? and an organic tracery that artistically suggested the marks of a dancer???s feet on clay. The new ID draws powerfully from a sense of continuance, evoking the company???s strong ancestral, connection to country.

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Impact of Bangarra

The new Bangarra brand was universally adopted with great admiration and was rolled out across all forms of media, {including flags displayed throughout the city of Sydney; around the surrounds of Sydney???s iconic Opera House; outdoor posters in Melbourne; and it was even included in the Commbank???s advertising campaign}. The new branding rapidly brought the company up to a realised level of awareness, and a new audience.

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